Cotton Thompson Cole, Chartered Surveyors, usually referred to as CTC, was established in 1987. Specialising in Design and Construction Consultancy, we offer a wide variety of services ranging from Project Management, Client Representation, Cost Management, Interior Design and Building Surveying.

Since Andrew Bridge, Owner, joined the business in 1993, we have helped create over 300 restaurants across the UK and Internationally. But it is not just restaurants we have worked on. Our experience extends beyond the Food and Beverage sector, having worked on residential projects, children’s activity camps as well as in the biogas industry. We offer the flexibility to provide our Clients with the service they require, whether it is all or just one of our services, we ensure our Clients are well looked after.

Our success is supported by our valued Clients, most of which we have worked with for many years and who are influential within their sectors.


Cotton Thompson Cole was born from the merger in 1987 between the Chartered Quantity Surveyor companies, Cotton Commercial which was then under the stewardship of Bruce Duncan and Thompson Cole, under the stewardship of Clive Thompson and John Cole.

Andrew Bridge, the current owner of Cotton Thompson Cole Ltd (CTC) joined the partnership in 1993 to create the Building Surveying department and 2 months after joining, lead the business towards Design and Project Management with clients including Pizza Express, Liverpool Victoria Asset Management and Sun Life of Canada.

Following the retirement of Bruce, Clive and John, Andrew then inherited the business in 2003 and has continued to develop the Client base and grow the business